Wheel Tracks 

Unchain the Power


Replacing your tire chains to Olofsfors ECO-WHEEL TRACKS means that you can say goodbye to all those unnecessary hours taken up by maintaining the chains. Olofsfors is the largest manufacturer of tracks for rubber tired forest equipment. Our tracks can last longer and are an economical alternative to conventional chains. When it comes to total operating costs, remember that Olofsfors ECO-WHEEL TRACKS have tire protecting properties which means that our tracks can fit on new or worn tires. In short – keep your skidders, harvesters and forwarders on track by lowering youroperating costs. Chains? No comparison.


Easier to install


ECO-WHEEL TRACKS increase machine stability and reduce drive-line shock caused by spin and grab. Out in the woods, wheel tracks are easier to install and gives great possibilities for quicker adjustments.


Longer operating season


Most importantly is that our products have their origin in the tough Nordic conditions. Our ECO-WHEEL TRACKS extend the operating season, as they can cope with much tougher terrain conditions. This means that your machine can give you more in return.


  • Lower ground pressure
  • Less ground disturbance
  • Improved flotation from standard tires 
  • Self-cleaning, smooth ride
  • Increased stability and mobility
  • Less maintenance


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