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New production record


What a whirlwind for Olofsfors AB, the track and steel manufacturer. With a turnover record for 2018, the new year has started strong with a production record on tracks for forest machines. 120 pairs of tracks have been manufactured in one week!


Olofsfors AB has had a good start this year in all its product areas, tracks for forest machines and wear steel for construction machinery, and had a turnover in 2018 together with its affiliated companies over SEK 600 million. The long-term investments made in all product areas are important in the company's entire core chain. With the customer demands on high service and new products, Olofsfors focus on manufacturing processes and product development to shorten delivery times. 

Erik Sollén, Sales and Marketing Manager for Olofsfors Steel products, says that Wear Steel sales have increased by 70% over the past 5 years.

- We have started partnerships with a number of strategic customers and also made progress in a prioritized sector, the mining industry, says Sollén. 

Olofsfors product area, Tracks, struck a production record last week on the number of tracks manufactured in one week. 

- The market is strong at the moment and we are constantly taking new market share, says Kjell-Erik Åström, Regional Sales Manager for Olofsfors tracks. With a stronger focus on product development and continuous work efficiency to shorten lead times, we can give customers what is demanded. We have strengthened our focus on product development and have exciting news to release for 2019, Kjell-Erik continues. It is a case of constantly putting the customer first, being responsive and developing what the market wants.


Product news this spring

A new link system will be available this spring, with 37% more to wear on with increased life time. We also have new exciting tracks and track components testing out in the forest and will be available this year. 

- As the machines today become larger, with higher load capacity, it is important to develop components that are lightweight and machine friendly. We have developed a new side support for our Max tracks, with a softer design, which becomes lighter, and that requires less space against the machine, with reduced wear as a result, says Åström. 

Kjell-Erik Åström cannot release any details of the look for new tracks in 2019 or what is special about them at this time.  

It will be something completely new and that deviates from how we produce the tracks today, that’s all I want to reveal right now, concludes Åström.