PRESS RELEASE - Olofsfors donates record amount to cancer research


This year’s Pink Ribbon auction, to raise funds for breast cancer research was a success. The closing bid was SEK 155,000 and Olofsfors is more than happy with the outcome.



It was a tough bidding war with lots of bids and standing ovations from the audience in response to the bids,” explains Kjell-Erik Åström, Regional Sales Manager at Olofsfors forest division.

This year was the ninth time that Olofsfors has auctioned off a set of pink forestry tracks, to raise funds for cancer research. The revenues go directly to cancer research, and the highest bid earlier years was SEK 96,000.

“The goal this year was to outdo all previous bids, which I think we did very successfully,” says Åström. “It’s great that together we can contribute to drive the research forward”

Olofsfors is the market-leading producer of tracks to forestry machines and exports ECO-TRACKS™ all over the world.

International interest in the pink ribbon

Olofsfors has seen increasing commitment to support cancer research from the whole market. From contractors, dealers and also from the forestry OEM´s. The fundraiser has also attracted international attention.

At this year’s auction, it came down to a duel between Estonian MFO OÜ and Ponsse Sverige AB. The Estonian firm finally emerging as the Winner.

Lars Åstbom, a former contractor, operates in both Sweden and Estonia. He is a partner in the Estonian company MFO OÜ and runs a forestry company, Åstboms Skog AB, in the forests of Värmland in western Sweden.

“Money is needed for research,” says Lars Åstbom. “We all have a relationship with cancer and it feels great to be able to help. It’s a chance for us to support the idea and purpose of the pink ribbon auction outside of Sweden,” adds Åstbom.

Swedish Breast Cancer Association. ”Thank you Olofsfors” These corporate partnerships are important to the Breast Cancer Association, who is the organisation that the money raised was donated to. A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every hour and treatment increases the chances of survival.

“Thanks to everyone who placed a bid at the Olofsfors auction,” says Marit Jenset, CEO of the Swedish Breast Cancer Asso­ciation. 

“We are Sweden’s only interest group that always and only focuses on breast cancer. To achieve our vision of no one suffering from breast cancer, we fund research, disseminate knowledge about prevention and drive public opinion on breast cancer issues. With your record contribution from this auction we can maintain our place at the forefront and drive the work forward,” concludes Marit Jenset.

Olofsfors AB has 138 employees and engages in sales and manufacturing in two business areas: Tracks and chains for wheeled forest machines and wear bars for construction machinery. Customers are found in almost every continent. Olofsfors’ head office and productions are based out of the community of Nordmaling. The company is Nordmalings municipality’s largest private employer with a turnover of 350 MSEK. Olofsfors core values are: Knowledge, Quality and Sustainability.

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