Stolen tracks


Olofsfors AB in Sweden has, between the 2nd and 3rd November 2018, a burglary/theft of 10 pair of tracks.


The tracks are of same model, 299-644020 Baltic 26 700/710 - 26.5. Tracks are for soft ground.


Baltic Baltic


The tracks have following serial number; 25371, 37615, 37616, 37617, 37618, 39546, 39547, 38990, 38991, 46303.

We would like to block the sales of these tracks and they will probably be sold outside normal dealer channels. Please let us know if you got knowledge of such sales.

10 sets of tracks has a weight of abut 20 ton and it is necessary to use at least one trailer for transportation. The way of how the theft is done, shows that it is well organised.


Any information can be sent to info@olofsfors.se


Olofsfors AB

Göran Nyberg/CEO