2020 Record Breaking Donations


A new record: 223 000 SEK (Swedish Kronor) has been collected by companies and individuals from around Sweden and Finland towards the Olofsfors Pink Ribbon fundraiser for the benefit of Cancer research.

…and there is still opportunity for more!

The collection will continue for the rest of the year as well, without the Pink Ribbon Track. 

— “The last two years, Olofsfors Pink Ribbon fundraising has gone well. 155 000 SEK in 2018, and 165 000 SEK, in 2019 and the amount for this year exceeded all our hopes”, says Maria Öhman, Marketing Manager at Olofsfors AB. 

Who will finally win the Pink Track is still unclear, as the draw will take place at the Breast Cancer Association in Stockholm during week 48. 

—  “We have had a total of 74 donations, 36 of which have contributed 5 000 SEK or more each. A total of  43 entries will be in the draw for the Track as each entry of 5 000 SEK provides a chance to win”, says Maria Öhman. 

Due to Covid-19, it is currently uncertain how the draw will take place, but the hope is that Olofsfors, regardless, will be able to broadcast the draw, live. More information will come further. 

We thank you for all the fantastic gifts! 

Here is everyone who has donated SEK 5 000 or more and are in the draw for the Pink Ribbon: 

Curras Transport AB  30 000 sek
Janssons Skogsavverkning AB Arjäng 10 000 sek
John Deeere Forestry AB 10 000 sek
John Deere Forestry Oy 5 000 sek
Svea Torp AB 5 000 sek
Samsons 5 000 sek
Freddes Skogstjänst AB 5 000 sek
Bodafors Skogstjänst AB 5 000 sek
GH Skog AB 5 000 sek
Stigs Maskin AB 5 000 sek
Svedja Skog AB 5 000 sek
Andreas Nilsson Skog AB 5 000 sek
Sonö Jord och Skog AB 5 000 sek
Hermanssons Gräv AB 5 000 sek
J Dahlqvist Skog AB 5 000 sek
Noretjärns skogsentreprenad AB 5 000 sek
H Norgrens Entr AB 5 000 sek
Curth Carlsson ensk. firma 5 000 sek
RW Skogsmaskiner AB 5 000 sek
Alenius Skog AB 5 000 sek
Lennart Lundquist 5 000 sek
GWJ Skogsentreprenad 5 000 sek
MK Forest AB 5 000 sek
Classons Skogsvård AB 5 000 sek
Entreprenad Mansheden AB 5 000 sek
Rooth Skogsvård AB 5 000 sek
Stig Widin Skogsentreprenad AB 5 000 sek
Lärkhammars Entreprenad AB 5 000 sek
Rensby Skogsavverkningar AB 5 000 sek
Anders Adolfssons Skogstjänst AB 5 000 sek
Hb UrJo Skogstjänst 5 000 sek
Östervallskogs Skogsavverkning AB 5 000 sek
Gettjärns Skogsprodukter AB 5 000 sek
Dala Fältservice AB 5 000 sek
Liljemark Skogsavverkning  5 000 sek
Österby Gallring AB 5 000 sek

To see everyone who has donated, go into Olofsfors’ page at the Breast Cancer Association:

Read more about Olofsfors Pink Ribbon foundation: www.olofsfors.com/pinkribbon 

For questions or more information, please contact: 
Maria Öhman
Marketing Manager
Phone: +46 (0)930-397 01
E-mail: maria.ohman@olofsfors.se