Delivery delays Olofsfors tracks


Delivery delays Olofsfors tracks containing MAX link system



Concerning  deliveries of Olofsfors Tracks with MAX side supports or tracks containing these parts, Olofsfors would like to apologize for the great delays during this autumn. Our subcontractors have had major production problems on several occasions during this autumn and has been standing completely still, on several occasions, we therefore only received sporadic deliveries.

We have started up our previous supplier, but since the lead time of raw materials for forged parts is between 15-20 weeks, they will not start with continuous deliveries until after new year. Olofsfors will start producing this article itself during Q1/Q2 2019, then we will then have complete control over production and lead times ourselves. Once again, we apologize for all the inconvenience that we have caused.

Best regards

Daniel Domeij

Sales and Marketing Director Forestry

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