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The forest industry continues the fight against Breast Cancer.


"We want to make it possible for more to contribute" - Göran Nyberg, Olofsfors’ CEO. For 10 years now, different companies in the forest industry have contributed almost 1 million Swedish Kronor (SEK), to cancer research through Olofsfors’ fundraisers. Now it is time for Pink October 2020 and Olofsfors has chosen to further develop its collaboration with the Swedish Breast Cancer Association.


“The commitment from the companies that have contributed over the years is fantastic, and we are grateful that we have been able to achieve so much together. We now want to make it possible for more people to contribute”, says Olofsfors CEO, Göran Nyberg.

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something" - Göran Nyberg, Olofsfors’ CEO.

In previous years, the company has auctioned off a pair of Pink forest machine tracks, and the sum from the highest bid has been donated to cancer research. This year, Olofsfors has created a new fundraiser in partnership with the Breast Cancer Association. Olofsfors will donate one pair of Pink forest machine tracks to the Breast Cancer Association, who then raffles it off to a company or person who has donated a gift of at least 5 000 SEK or more. 

- “We are happy that we, together with the Breast Cancer Association, have been able to find a good solution. With this new concept, more people can contribute, large and small amounts. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and we believe and hope that the collection will arouse great commitment”, Göran Nyberg continues.

Contributions to research and support

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring form of cancer in women. Every year 8 000 women receive the news about Breast Cancer in Sweden. (Breast Cancer Association, © 2020)
It is a disease many have encountered in some way, either as a fighter, survivor or through friends and relatives. The money collected through fundraisers, such as Olofsfors’ “Pink Ribbon”, contributes to research and support to help those affected.

- “In order to achieve the Breast Cancer Association's vision; that no one should be affected, grants and commitments are needed, just like the collaboration with Olofsfors. The collection and the Pink forest machine tracks contribute to Breast Cancer research but also support those affected and their relatives. Together we fight Breast Cancer”, says Marit Jenset, Secretary General of the Breast Cancer Association.

During the month of October, the Breast Cancer Association, their members, and partners spread knowledge and awareness about Breast Cancer in different ways. Through fundraisers, social media, and other similar initiatives, they strive for their vision that “no one should have to suffer from breast cancer”.

About the collection:

To read more about how to donate money through Olofsfors “Pink Ribbon” Track fundraiser, go to www.olofsfors.com/pinkribbon

For questions or more information, please contact:

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Göran Nyberg
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Email: goran.nyberg@olofsfors.se

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