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  • What happens with the fuel consumption, using ECO-Tracks?

    Answer: With ECO-TRACKS, your fuel consumption decreases thanks to the tires not digging down as deep into the soil. The machine doesn’t have to work as hard and consequently consumes less fuel.
    The reason the tires don’t dig down as deep is that the pressure the machine applies to the ground is more evenly distributed.

    With tracks, the pressure is more evenly distributed against the ground and the tires don’t dig down as deep.

  • Do ECO-Tracks increase fuel consumption on hard ground?

    Answer: A common misunderstanding is that machines with tracks consume much more fuel on solid surfaces than machines without. This is not the case. A study conducted by the Forest Operations Management Department at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå shows the increase is only marginal. And as soon as the surface is a little softer, ECO-TRACKS reduce fuel consumption. The softer the surface, the more fuel you save with ECO-TRACKS.

    The difference in fuel consumption between ECO-TRACKS and standard tyres on hard and soft ground respectively.

  • Will the tires last longer with ECO-Tracks?

    Answer: With ECO-TRACKS, your tires will attain more than twice the usual service life. This is due to the track having contact with the ground and wearing instead of your tires. Without tracks, your tyres last for 3,500–4,000 hours of operation, hours during which you also risk punctures and other wear damage that keeps you from working. With our tracks, you avoid this type of damage and after 7–8,000 hours of operation, 75 percent of your tires’ service life still remains. 

  • Will I receive better grip and pulling power with ECO-Tracks?

    Answer: Regardless of the surface you operate on, ECO-TRACKS give you better grip and pulling power. This is mainly due to two things. First of all, the larger contact surface than with tires alone, and secondly, the unique shape of the cross members on each track. The size and profile of the cross members differ, entailing that each track is optimised for a certain type of terrain.

  • Are ECO-Tracks gentle to forest and ground?

    Answer: ECO-TRACKS are gentle to the forest and ground where you work. With our tracks you secure regrowth of the forest and ensure that it will continue to be profitable well into the future. Without tracks, your tires dig in and leave deep ruts in the ground and damage tree roots. The ground is compressed and water collects in the ruts that cannot soak into the soil. This ultimately leads to poor regrowth and quality, and the forest’s profitability declines as the years go by – or in the worst case, disappears.


  • Will my machine be more stable with ECO-Tracks?

    Answer: Thanks to a larger contact surface, your machine will be steadier and you can load more. Your machine will be better balanced and run with greater stability over the terrain. This stability reduces the risk of your machine overturning. You can drive faster and load more without worrying about tipping. This saves time and provides an improved operating experience.

    With tracks, the machine will have a larger contact surface and the centre of gravity is distributed over a greater area.

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